Table 1

Probe set IDGene symbolGene products and functions (from GENE database; change*

214484_s_atSIGMAR1Sigma nonopioid intracellular receptor 1, plays an important role in the cellular functions of various tissues associated with the endocrine, immune, and nervous systems. Mutations are implicated in early-onset dementia and neurodegeneration.2.46

205231_s_atEPM2ALaforin, a dual-specificity phosphatase associates with polyribosomes. This gene is defective in a neurodegenerative disorder associated with epileptic seizures (Lafora disease). Possibly a repair enzyme.2.32

204860_s_atNAIPApoptosis inhibitory protein; functions include suppression of neuronal apoptosis2.13

208229_atFGFR2Fibroblast growth factor receptor 2, influences mitogenesis and differentiation, important in embryonic brain development.1.9

209897_s_atSLIT2Slit homolog 2, neuronal repellent factor, nervous system development; downregulation of this gene by neuronal differentiation factor promotes tumor growth in neuroblastomas [63].1.67

*This represents the average fold change of gene expression of the three GHK instances profiled in the cMap. Furthermore, it should be noted that all instances were performed using doses of GHK at 1 micromolar. Peak cellular responses to GHK have been recorded at 1 nanomolar; higher doses can reduce the cellular response [56].