Figure 4: Mv3glc decreases peroxynitrite-mediated reactive species production (a, b) and carbonyl groups formation (c) in endothelial cells. BAECs were preincubated with 25  M Mv3glc for 14 h and then submitted to peroxynitrite aggression, which was carefully removed after 10 min of incubation and maintained during the indicated times, in a serum-free medium, at 37°C, as described in Section 2. (a) Representative images of endothelial cells, at 6 h of incubation after ONOO treatment, in the absence or presence of 25  M Mv3glc, obtained by fluorescence microscopy (400 x). (b) Reactive species production was measured, at 3 h and 6 h of incubation, in terms of fluorescence intensity of DCF. (c) Carbonyl groups formation was assessed in total protein cell extracts obtained, as indicated in Section 2. Results are expressed as % of control, that is, cells incubated in similar conditions without either peroxynitrite or Mv3glc. Values are mean ± SEM of five experiments. *** versus Control; # , ## versus ONOO.