Figure 5: Mv3glc prevents peroxynitrite-induced depolarization of mitochondria. Endothelial cells, preincubated or not with 25  M Mv3glc, were loaded with JC-1 fluorophore 20 min prior to the end of the 6 h of incubation with peroxynitrite and incubated for 20 min at 37°C, in the dark, as described in Section 2. Further, cells were visualized in a fluorescence microscope (a) and the fluorescence intensities of either the monomers (green) or J-aggregates (red) were assessed in a microplate reader (b). In (a), representative images of endothelial cells labeled with JC-1, treated with peroxynitrite in the absence or presence of Mv3glc, obtained by fluorescence microscopy (400x). In (b), quantification of mitochondrial membrane potential in terms of red/green fluorescence ratio, as measured in the same cell cultures. A decrease in red/green fluorescence intensity ratio indicates mitochondria depolarization. Values are mean ± SEM of five experiments, each one assayed in duplicate. *** versus Control; ### versus ONOO.