Figure 6: The activation of caspases-3 and -9 in endothelial cells submitted to peroxynitrite injury is significantly inhibited by the preincubation of cells with 25  M Mv3glc, for 14 h. BAECs were treated with 500  M peroxynitrite after this preincubation step, as described in Section 2, and graphs show the kinetic activities of cellular caspase-3 (a) and caspase-9 (b) induced by peroxynitrite treatment (ONOO) in the absence and presence of anthocyanin. Values are mean ± SEM of five different experiments, each one assayed in duplicate. For caspase-3, ** , *** versus Control; # versus ONOO. For caspase-9: *** versus control; # , ## versus ONOO.