Table 2: Heart rate, perceived exertion, and performance data of exercise-trained men and women during treadmill testing (a) and cycle sprints (b) following treatment with CoQ10 or placebo.

CoQ10PlaceboP value

Heart rate min 8 (bpm) 0.79
Heart rate min 14 (bpm) 0.87
Heart rate peak (bpm) 0.98
Perceived exertion min 8 (6–20 scale) 0.50
Perceived exertion min 14 (6–20 scale) 0.91
Perceived exertion peak (6–20 scale) 0.37
Total treadmill time (sec) 0.94


Variable**CoQ10PlaceboP value

Heart rate (bpm) 0.96
Perceived exertion (6–20 scale) 0.19
Peak power (watts) 0.65
Mean power (watts) 0.59
Total work (kJ) 0.59

Values are mean ± SEM.
Heart rate and perceived exertion values taken during the final 15 seconds of minute 8 (stage 4) and minute 14 (stage 7) of treadmill testing; peak values for heart rate and perceived exertion taken at the end of the treadmill testing. Values are averages taken over five-, 10-second cycle sprints.