Figure 4: Effect of apple solutions included in ointment. (a) Cells of strain MCY4/Kllsm4::KanMX4 were grown in YPD+G418 antibiotic to prevent contaminations. Ointment base Essex was used as a control. Viability was monitored as percentage of microcolony forming units. Standard deviation was obtained from three independent experiments. (b) 10-fold serial dilutions of each cell culture described above were spotted onto YPD plates (1% bactopeptone, 1% yeast extract, 2% glucose, and 2% bacto agar) and incubated 2 days before recording. (c) Cells of strain MCY4/Kllsm4::KanMX4 were grown in YPD + G418 antibiotic in the presence of apple solutions in ointment and exposed to H2O2 at the indicated concentration for 4 h. Average and standard deviations, obtained from three independent experiments are indicated.