Table 2: Effect of CIH on cardiac functions.

AuthorsStrainsExposure timeEffectsReference

Naghshin et al.C57BL/6J mice4 wksProtective effects [15]
Lee et al.SD rats1, 4 days and 1, 2 wks1, 4 days: protective effects 1, 2 wks: deleterious effects [16]
Campen et al.C57BL/6J miceDeleterious effects[17]
Chen et al.Male SD rats5 wksDeleterious effects [18, 19]
Williams et al.Male SD rats5 wks, 6 wksDeleterious effects [20]
Chen et al.Male SD rats10 daysDeleterious effects [21]
Yin et al.FVB mice4 wks and 8 wksDeleterious effects [22]
Yang et al.Patients4 wks and 8 wksDeleterious effects [23]

*wks: weeks.