Table 3: Daily dietary intakes of study subjects are shown.

Runners ( )Cyclists ( )Untrained ( )

Total energy intake (Kcal) a a, b
Protein (g) a, b
Protein (%EI) a a
CHO (g) a a, b
CHO (%EI) a a
Fat (g) a, b
 Saturated fat (g)
 Monounsaturated fat (g)
 Polyunsaturated fat (g)
 Cholesterol (mg) a a, b
Fat (%EI) a
Fibres (g)
Vitamin A (μg RE)
Vitamin C (mg)
α-Tocopherol (mg)
Selenium (μg) a b
Zinc(mg) a, b
Copper (mg)
Iron (mg) a, b
Magnesium (mg) a, b
Manganese (mg) a a

aSignificant at when compared with untrained group.
bSignificant at when compared with runners.
EI: total energy intake, CHO: carbohydrate.
Values are mean ± SD.