Figure 1: Induction of MAP-2 (in green fluorescence) and αB-crystallin (α-BC) (in red fluorescence) in subcortical tissue sections and parietal cortex brain slices the in 7th day of reperfusion after transient global cerebral ischemia in Gerbil model of BCAO. α-BC-positive but MAP-2-negative nonneuronal glia cells (I, I′ and II, II′) (white arrow head) in subcortical tissue sections; co-expression of MAP-2 with α-BC in neurons of parietal cortex (III′′) (in yellow fluorescence); DAB (×40) and immunofluorescence staining (×40) of normal subcortical brain sections shows that the nucleus is surrounded by densely stained cytoplasm, and the staining is further extended into proximal segments of cytodendrites in α-BC-positive cells (IV, V and VI, VII). (Black arrow and white arrow head resp.).