Figure 6: Effects of 6-OHDA on TH immunoreactivity in the SNpc. (a) representative digital images of TH immunoreactivity in mice of the groups: the saline-injected Wt, 6-OHDA-injected Wt, saline-injected , 6-OHDA-injected , apocynin-treated Wt injected with saline, and apocynin-treated Wt injected with 6-OHDA. (b) the graph depicts the mean optical density data of 5 to 7 samples in each case. *** (Wt saline versus Wt 6-OHDA), ** (Wt apocynin saline versus Wt apocynin 6-OHDA), and * Wt apocynin 6-OHDA versus 6-OHDA).