Table 3: Agents related to MCS.

(i) Organic solvents, paints, and lacquers for finishes (xylene, methylene chloride, petroleum distillates, glycol ethers, and trichloroethane)
(ii) Pesticides (diazinon, azinphos-methyl [Guthion], and other organophosphates)
(iii) Smoke and fumes from welding
(iv) Metals (nickel, lead)
(v) Various chemicals (formaldehyde, freon, ethanol, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, and toluene)
(vi) Powder and dust (wood, beet sugar)
(vii) Food
(viii) Certain diseases (scabies, herpes zoster)
(ix) Perfume and air fresheners (shampoo, nail varnish and nail varnish remover, colognes, shaving lotions, various cosmetics, deodorants, etc.)
(x) Furniture
(xi) Paper
(xii) New buildings