Figure 2: Metabolic redox parameters: levels of plasma 4-hydroxynonenal protein adducts (a) and a representative blot of the relative gel bands of samples and of loading control (ponceau staining) (b), of whole blood luminol-dependent chemiluminescence (c), of plasma -tocopherol (d), in the groups of obese patients with metabolic syndrome (OB w.MetS, ) and without metabolic syndrome (OB w.o.MetS, ), and of control healthy subjects (CTR, ). Values are represented as mean (□), standard error of the mean (upper and lower limits of the box), and 1.96 × standard error (upper and lower whiskers). Intergroup significant differences () are indicated in each panel. Abbreviations: 4-HNE PA (4-hydroxynonenal protein adducts); kDa (kiloDalton); CL (luminol-dependent chemiluminescence); cps (counts per second); ALPHA-TOC (-tocopherol). Techniques: Western blot (a-b), chemiluminescence (c), and HPLC with array photodiode detection (d).