Figure 1: Schema explaining the main contributions of oxidative stress in myopia. 4-HNE: 4-hydroxynonenal; Angpt2: angiopoietin 2; BH4: Tetrahydrobiopterin; ET1: endothelin-1; GSH: glutathione; HGF: hepatocyte growth factor; HIF: hypoxia-inducible factor; I/R: ischemia reperfusion injury; MDA: malondialdehyde; NO: nitric oxide; NOS: nitric oxid synthase; ONOO: peroxynitrite; PDGF-B: platelet-derived growth factor beta; SDF1: stromal-derived growth factor 1; SOD: superoxide dismutase; TH: tyrosine hydroxylase; VEGF: vascular endothelial growth factor.