Research Article

Effect of Myricetin, Pyrogallol, and Phloroglucinol on Yeast Resistance to Oxidative Stress

Figure 3

Effect of myricetin, pyrogallol, and phloroglucinol on antioxidant defenses. Yeast cells were grown in YPD medium to the exponential phase and pretreated with compounds (300 μM) or equal volume of DMSO (control) for 15 min and subsequently treated with 1.5 mM H2O2 for 1 h. (a) SOD activity was assessed in situ after native PAGE. Band intensities were measured by densitometry using data taken from the same gel; (b) levels, (c) GSSG levels, and (d) ratio between oxidized glutathione and total glutathione levels. Values are mean ± SEM of at least 3 independent assays. and GSSG levels were compared by two-way ANOVA, Sidak’s multiple comparisons test () and the ratio was compared by Student’s -test ().