Research Article

Effect of Myricetin, Pyrogallol, and Phloroglucinol on Yeast Resistance to Oxidative Stress

Figure 4

Effect of myricetin, pyrogallol, and phloroglucinol on (a) BY4741 and (b) sod2Δ cells CLS. Cells were grown in SC-glucose medium to the stationary phase and treated with myricetin, pyrogallol, or phloroglucinol (300 μM). Viability was measured by standard dilution plate counts which were considered 100% on day 0 (first treatment day). (c, d) On the indicated days, the levels of protein carbonyls were analyzed during aging of BY4741 (c) and sod2Δ (d) cells pretreated with myricetin. Quantitative analysis of protein carbonyl content was performed by densitometry using data taken from the same membrane. Proteins were derivatized with DNPH and slot-blotted into a PVDF membrane. Immunodetection was performed using an anti-DNP antibody. A representative blot is shown in (e). Values are mean ± SEM of at least 3 independent assays. Viability values were compared by Student’s -test () and protein carbonyl values were compared by two-way ANOVA, Sidak’s multiple comparisons test ().