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Enhanced Locomotor Activity Is Required to Exert Dietary Restriction-Dependent Increase of Stress Resistance in Drosophila

Figure 4

Wing clipping makes flies fed on restricted diet (DR) vulnerable to ROS stress. (a) After rearing normal (closed circles) and wing-clipped (open circles) adult flies on restricted diet (DR, 0.5% YE) for 10 days, flies in both groups were transferred to DR diets supplemented with 0.2 mM paraquat. Survivorship curves were generated by scoring dead flies every day when transferring live flies to freshly made 0.2 mM paraquat supplemented DR media. (b) Relative mRNA levels of SOD1, PHGPx, and catalase were calculated using method. SYBR Green based qPCR was performed with cDNA samples prepared from normal (black bars) or wing-clipped (open bars) flies grown on DR diet for 10 days. (c-d) The same experiments as described in (a-b) were performed with the exception that normal (closed triangles, black bars) and wing-clipped (open triangles, open bars) adult flies were fed ad libitum (AL, 5% YE) for 10 days, which was subject to either ROS stress assay by transferring flies to AL diets supplemented with 0.2 mM paraquat as shown in (a) or gene expression assay as described in (b). Log-rank test for (a) and (c). Two-tailed Student’s -test for (b) and (d). , . N.S. stands for not significant. –209 for (a) and (c). qPCR performed twice using biologically independent RNA preparations generated consistent results. Data was represented as mean ± ranges.