Research Article

Neuregulin 1 Promotes Glutathione-Dependent Neuronal Cobalamin Metabolism by Stimulating Cysteine Uptake

Figure 5

NRG-1 stimulates MS activity and increases methylation capacity. (a) NRG-1 (1 nM) stimulated MS activity and this effect was blocked by wortmannin (100 nM), . (b–f) One hr NRG-1 (1 nM) treatment increased methionine level (b) and decreased HCY level (c); NRG-1 (1 nM) increased cellular methylation capacity by increasing SAM level (d) without changing SAH status (e), leading the increased SAM/SAH ratio (f), . Data represent mean values ± SEM. Asterisks () indicate a significant difference () from control group. # indicates a significant difference () from NRG-1 treated group.