Research Article

Parishin from Gastrodia elata Extends the Lifespan of Yeast via Regulation of Sir2/Uth1/TOR Signaling Pathway

Figure 1

Chemical structure of parishin (a) and antiaging effects of parishin (b). For replicative lifespan assay, the yeast cells incubated in galactose medium were spread on glucose medium plates containing different concentrations of parishin. The daughter cells of 40 microcolonies in each plate were counted randomly. The assay was repeated at least thrice. The average lifespan of untreated K6001 was generations; resveratrol (RES) at 10 μM, ; parishin at 3 μM, ; parishin at 10 μM, ; and parishin at 30 μM, . and indicate significant difference relative to the control (, ).