Research Article

Parishin from Gastrodia elata Extends the Lifespan of Yeast via Regulation of Sir2/Uth1/TOR Signaling Pathway

Figure 3

Effects of parishin on SOD enzyme activity (a, b), MDA (c, d), and ROS levels (e). The change on SOD enzyme activity after treating parishin at various doses for 24 h (a) or 48 h (b), respectively. BY4741 yeast cells were disintegrated by ultrasonication and freeze-thawing for five times, followed by repeated ultrasonication for five times. Cell lysate was centrifuged and the supernatant was removed for measurement of SOD activity using a SOD assay kit. Effect of parishin on MDA in yeast after parishin treatment at various doses for 24 h (c) or 48 h (d). BY4741 yeast cells were cultured for 24 h or 48 h and disintegrated as described in SOD assay, and changes in MDA level were measured with an MDA assay kit. Effect of parishin on ROS level of yeast (e). BY4741 yeast cells were incubated with parishin for 23 h. Subsequently, DCFH-DA was added into culture medium to a final concentration of 40 μM and incubated for 1 h. The intensity of DCF of yeast was detected with a fluorescence plate reader. , , and indicate significant difference from corresponding control (, , and ).