Figure 3: SI decreased MI size after I/R in ovariectomized rats. (a) Representative staining of heart by Evans blue/triphenyltetrazolium chloride (TTC) after 24 h perfusion. Evans blue-stained areas (blue) indicate nonischemic/reperfused area; TTC stained areas (red staining) indicate ischemic but viable tissue; Evans blue/TTC staining negative areas (white staining) indicate infarcted myocardium; red staining plus white staining indicates area at risk (AR). (b) Ratio of area at risk (AR)/left ventricle (LV) in each group after 24 h perfusion. (c) Ratio of area of infarction size (IS)/AR after 24 h perfusion. Plots represent the mean ± SEM, = 3–5. Statistical significance: , compared with OVS; compared with CMC.