Figure 8: SI failed to decrease the infarct size of hearts with I/R in ovariectomized rats if PI3K was inhibited. One week after ovariectomy, the female SD rats were given 0.5% CMC (CMC group) or SI of 270 mg/kg⋅d by gavage (SI group). LY294002 (a specific PI3K inhibitor) at dose of 0.3 mg/kg was intraperitoneally injected immediately after SI was given (SI + LY294002 group). (a) Representative staining of heart by Evans blue/TTC after 24 h perfusion. (b) Ratio of area at risk (AR)/left ventricle (LV) in each group after 24 h perfusion. (c) Ratio of area of infarction size (IS)/AR after 24 h perfusion. Plots represent the mean ± SEM, . Statistical significance: , compared with CMC; compared with SI.