Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity / 2016 / Article / Fig 1

Research Article

Band 3 Erythrocyte Membrane Protein Acts as Redox Stress Sensor Leading to Its Phosphorylation by p72 Syk

Figure 1

Time course of erythrocyte membrane proteins treated with oxidants. Erythrocytes were treated with 0.5 mM diamide (Dia) (panels (a) and (b)) and with 1 mM phenylhydrazine (PHZ) (panels (c) and (d)) at different incubation times. Membrane proteins were separated by 8% SDS-PAGE in the presence of reducing agent, blotted on nitrocellulose and stained with anti-phosphotyrosine (apTyr) and anti-phosphoserine (apSer) antibodies. Images were acquired using a laser IR fluorescence detector (Odyssey, Licor, USA). Results are representative of 4 separated experiments.