Research Article

Oxidative Stress Assessment in Response to Ultraendurance Exercise: Thiols Redox Status and ROS Production according to Duration of a Competitive Race

Figure 1

Panel plots of the relationship between individual duration of race (h) and relative of total (a) Cys (μmol⋅L−1), (b) CysGly (μmol⋅L−1), (c) Hcy (μmol⋅L−1), (d) oxidized GSH (μmol⋅L−1), (e) ROS production rate (μmol⋅min−1), (f) TAC (mM), (g) TBARS (μM), (h) PC (nmol⋅mg−1 protein), (i) 8-iso-PGF2α (ng⋅mg−1 creatinine), and (j) 8-OH-dG (ng⋅mg−1 creatinine) recorded in 50 km (full symbols) and in 100 km (empty symbols) race are shown. The linear regression fit (solid line) and the correlation coefficient () reported for each relationship are shown too. Significant linear relationships, ( symbol), were estimated.