Research Article

Vasorelaxant Effect of a New Hydrogen Sulfide-Nitric Oxide Conjugated Donor in Isolated Rat Aortic Rings through cGMP Pathway

Figure 4

Vasorelaxant effect of ZYZ-803 on PE-induced contractions was suppressed upon inhibition of endogenous H2S or NO generation. (a) The concentration of H2S in aortic rings after SPRC, SPRC + furoxan, and ZYZ-803 treatments. (b) The concentration of NO in aortic rings after furoxan, SPRC + furoxan, and ZYZ-803 treatments. (c) The expressions of CSE, eNOS, and p-eNOS after ZYZ-803 (10, 50, and 100 μmol/L) treatments. (d) The vasorelaxant effect of ZYZ-803 after L-NAME, PAG, and L-NAME + PAG treatments on PE-induced contractions in aortic rings. Data represent mean ± SEM, for each group. compared with control group.