Research Article

Hericium erinaceus Inhibits TNF-α-Induced Angiogenesis and ROS Generation through Suppression of MMP-9/NF-κB Signaling and Activation of Nrf2-Mediated Antioxidant Genes in Human EA.hy926 Endothelial Cells

Figure 7

HE upregulates the Nrf2-mediated antioxidant genes in EA.hy926 cells. (a) Western blotting was performed to monitor the Nrf2, HO-1, and γ-GCLC protein using specific antibodies. Cells were treated with HE (100 μg/mL) 1–8 h. The total cell lysate was subjected to western blotting. (b) Western blot data shows the changes of Nrf2 nuclear translocation. Cells were treated with HE (100 μg/mL) 1 or 2 h. An equal amount (50 μg) of nuclear lysate from each sample was resolved by 8–15% SDS-PAGE with β-actin as a control. The relative changes in the intensities of the protein bands were measured by densitometry. (c) The increasing amount of total GSH was measured using commercially available EIA kit. Cells were incubated with HE (100 μg/mL) for 1–8 h. One of the typical results from three independent experiments is shown. Results are presented as mean ± SD of three independent assays; indicates significant difference in comparison to control cells.