Research Article

AP39, a Mitochondria-Targeted Hydrogen Sulfide Donor, Supports Cellular Bioenergetics and Protects against Alzheimer’s Disease by Preserving Mitochondrial Function in APP/PS1 Mice and Neurons

Figure 8

AP39 ameliorated the learning and memory deficits of APP/PS1 mice. WT or AD mice were treated with water or AP39 (100 nM/kg) for 6 weeks, followed by assessment using the Morris water maze and novel object recognition task tests. (a) Spatial learning and memory in AD mice are scored as the latency to locate a hidden platform. (b) After 24 h, a 60-s probe trial was performed. (c) Spatial learning was tested as the latency to locate a hidden platform for the 25 nM/kg AP39-treated mice and scored. (d) Effects of AP39 on the memory performance of 12-month WT or AD mice treated with water or AP39 were tested in the NORT test.