Research Article

Chemical Characterization, Free Radical Scavenging, and Cellular Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Properties of a Stilbenoid-Rich Root Extract of Vitis vinifera

Figure 9

Effect of the root extract of Vitis vinifera on the inflammatory biomarkers IL-1β (a) and iNOS (b) in murine macrophages. RAW264.7 murine macrophages were incubated with the root extract of Vitis vinifera (20 µM) for 24 h and stimulated with 10 ng/mL lipopolysaccharide (LPS) for 4 h. mRNA levels of IL-1β and iNOS were examined with real-time PCR. Each bar represents the mean (SEM) of at least three independent experiments measured in duplicate. indicates significant differences compared to stimulated control; , Mann-Whitney test (a) and Student’s -test (b).