Figure 3: Scheme of a chain radical reaction in a system containing an azo initiator MeO-AMVN, CL molecules, and a chain-breaking inhibitor of quinol nature (based on [4, 10, 1518]). The main stages of the process are indicated by numbers corresponding to the respective reactions, as described in Section 2. The radical products of the initiator decomposition (1) ROO initiate the oxidative cycle via formation of an alkyl (L) radical (2). The reaction propagates ((3a) and (3b)) as this alkyl radical consumes molecular oxygen to form peroxyl (LOO) radical (3a), which abstracts a hydrogen atom from another lipid molecule (LH) to yield another L radical (3b). An inhibitor, such as quinol (QH2), may break the reaction chain by quenching a LOO radical (5).