Figure 9: Prevention of MeO-AMVN-induced oxidation of CL liposomes by antioxidants added externally within POPG liposomes. Peroxidation was started by addition of 50 μM MeO-AMVN to 100 μM CL liposomes at 40°C in buffer A. Antioxidant-containing POPG liposomes were added 30 minutes after the start of the experiment, as indicated by arrows. (a) Comparison of SkQ1H2 with natural hydrophobic antioxidants. In each case the final concentrations were 1 μM of antioxidants and 40 μM of POPG. (b) Radical quenching efficiency of ubiquinol-10 as function of its concentration and the extent of dilution. The amount of added POPG stock suspension was 1% (30 μL) or 5% (150 μL) of the total system volume, which accounts for 40 or 200 μM POPG, respectively.