Figure 2: Principal Component Analysis performed considering duplicates of the flavanones glycosides, flavones, and polymethoxylated flavones contents on fresh, oven-dried and freeze-dried, and white and pink grapefruit peel extracts. F-Wgp: fresh white grapefruit; F-Pgf: fresh pink grapefruit; D-Wgf-45°C: dried white grapefruit at 45°C; D-Pgf-45°C: dried pink grapefruit at 45°C; D-Wgf-60°C: dried white grapefruit at 60°C; D-Pgf-60°C: dried white grapefruit at 60°C; FD-Wgf: freeze-dried white grapefruit; FD-Pgf: freeze-dried pink grapefruit.