Figure 3: Effects of different concentrations of red and white grapefruit extracts in cell viability of SH-SY5Y cell cultures for 24 h. Data were expressed as the percentage of live cells relative to total cells. Data are presented by means ± SD (). F-Wgp: fresh white grapefruit; F-Pgf: fresh pink grapefruit; D-Wgf-45°C: dried white grapefruit at 45°C; D-Pgf-45°C: dried pink grapefruit at 45°C; D-Wgf-60°C: dried white grapefruit at 60°C; D-Pgf-60°C: dried white grapefruit at 60°C; FD-Wgf: freeze-dried white grapefruit; FD-Pgf: freeze-dried pink grapefruit. a, b, c, d, e, f: different letters in the same column denote a significant difference according to the Student-Newman-Keuls test, at .