Figure 4: Functional parameters of individual mitochondria. (a) In line with the increased total mitochondrial mass in Mecp2−/y astrocytes, also more individual organelles could be detected in these cells as compared to WT (). (b) Genotypic differences in the length of the individual mitochondria were not found. The histogram-type distribution represents the entity of all individual mitochondrial particles detected by the automated analyses in WT (9769 mitochondria) and Mecp2−/y astrocytes (21,424 mitochondria). (c) The degree of polarization did not differ either among the genotypes. Plotted is the cumulative distribution function of the ΔΨm of individual mitochondria of WT and Mecp2−/y astrocytes. It is based on the distribution of all recorded JC-1 ratios and indicates on the ordinate the probability that a WT or Mecp2−/y mitochondrion has a given ΔΨm (or less).