Figure 5: Free-radical scavenger treatment abolishes the differences in mitochondrial mass between WT and Mecp2−/y astrocytes. (a) Overnight Trolox treatment decreased (or tended to decrease) mitochondrial mass. As a result, the genotypic difference seen under control conditions among WT and Mecp2−/y astrocytes was no longer detectable. The solvent DMSO itself also tended to decrease the mitochondrial content of Mecp2−/y astrocytes, but not to the degree seen with Trolox. Bar shading and the number of cells analyzed apply also to the following two panels. Genotpye-related differences are indicated by asterisks () and drug-induced genotype-matched differences by crosshatches (###). (b) Trolox slightly but significantly decreased the length of individual mitochondria to an equal degree in WT and Mecp2−/y astrocytes. (#, ##). (c) Significant changes in ΔΨm could not be observed in response to Trolox treatment. In WT astrocytes, a trend towards increased ΔΨm became obvious though.