Figure 6: Optical redox imaging with the genetically encoded roGFP1 sensor confirms more oxidized conditions in Mecp2−/y astrocytes. (a) CCD camera image of a Mecp2−/y astrocyte expressing cytosolic roGFP1. (b) Under control conditions, fluorescence ratios were higher (more oxidized) in the cytosol of Mecp2−/y than of WT astrocytes. Trolox induced a shift towards more reducing conditions especially in Mecp2−/y astrocytes (, #). (c) Calculating the relative degree of roGFP1 oxidation (OxDroGFP1) and the corresponding reduction potentials (EroGFP1) confirms the more oxidized conditions in Mecp2−/y astrocytes as well as the antioxidant effect mediated by Trolox (###).