Table 1: Studied 1,4-dihydropyridine derivatives, their chemical structures, molecular weight () values, LD50 values (on NIH 3T3, normal mice embryonal fibroblast cells), and antiradical activity (ARA) determined by DPPH assay. The untreated level of the DPPH radical is designated as 100%. Data are presented as mean ± SD.

NumberCompound Chemical structures mg/kgARA ± SD

Group I

(1)Diludine253.30>2000 (>7.9 mmol/kg)
(32,000 mg/kg, mice, ip)

Group II

(4)A2-15 505.56>2000
(>3.9 mmol/kg)

Group III

(11)K2-71953.98 ( mmol/kg)
(12)Z41-74 [14]577.352425

NA: not applicable (the data are absent).