Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity / 2017 / Article / Fig 2

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Pharmacological Basis for Use of Armillaria mellea Polysaccharides in Alzheimer’s Disease: Antiapoptosis and Antioxidation

Figure 2

The neuroprotective effects of AMPS against L-Glu-induced cell damage in HT22 cells. (a) 3 h AMPSb and c preincubation improved cell viability in L-Glu-exposed HT22 cells. (b) 3 h AMPSc (40 and 80 μg/mL) pretreatment improved cell viability in HT22 cells after 24 h incubation with 25 mM of L-Glu. (c) 3 h AMPSc preincubation strongly reduced the apoptotic rate of HT22 cells exposed to L-Glu for 24 h. (d) 3 h AMPSc pretreatment weakened caspase-3 activations in HT22 cells exposed to 25 mM of L-Glu for 24 h. Data were expressed as a percentage of corresponding control cells and means ± S.E.M. (). # and ### versus CTRL; , , and versus L-Glu-exposed cells. AMPS: A. mellea polysaccharides.