Figure 3: Effects of CAP on gene involved in the apoptotic pathway in Jurkat cells. Relative protein expression of (a) p53, (c) Bax (sulforaphane was used as positive control), and (e) Bcl-2 after 24 and 48 h after CAP exposure. mRNA expression of (b) p53, (d) Bax, and (f) Bcl-2 6 and 24 h after CAP exposure at T1 and T2 conditions. 18S ribosomal RNA and actin beta (ACTB) were used as endogenous controls. (g) Bax/Bcl-2 ratio. (h) Relative expression of caspase-8 24 and 48 h after CAP treatment. Staurosporine was used as positive control. Data are the mean of at least three different experiments. ; ; versus the untreated cells.