Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity / 2017 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Application of Numerical Analysis of the Shape of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectra for Determination of the Number of Different Groups of Radicals in the Burn Wounds

Table 2

The parameters of the component lines of the EPR spectra of the burn wounds fitted by three (GGG, LLL, GGL, and GLL) lines. G—Gaussian line. L—Lorentzian line. A—amplitude, ΔBpp—linewidth. S—standard deviation for the fitting.


GGGA (a.u.)0003.821.921.71243.3
ΔBpp (mT)0001.812.372.69
Signal power (%)00042.529.128.4

LLLA (a.u.)0.640.983.31000146.3
ΔBpp (mT)1.371.620.87000
Signal power (%)15.628.156.3000

LGGA (a.u.)0.11002.50.420149.8
ΔBpp (mT)2.87001.684.620
Signal power (%)6.50067.226.30

LLGA (a.u.)2.765.3203.3500120.8
ΔBpp (mT)1.00.7501.5600
Signal power (%)26.141.2032.100