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Change of the State of the Natural Antioxidant Barrier of a Body and Psychological Parameters in Patients Aged above 60

Table 3

Results of “neglect with central task” test.

ParameterStudy group ()Control group () value

Reaction time, central point (ms)513.6111.3504394834458.987.35413386210.001
Reaction time, peripherals (ms)640.7210.6582442961462.4103.2449.5348570≤0.001
Reaction time, point (ms)6.65.6512611.5309≤0.001
Error omission central point (−)2.53.3506611.51070.019
Error omission peripherals (−)4.15.160120.20.6003≤0.001

Area around central point (fixation point) with numbers; response to the wrong stimulus; lack of response to the proper stimuli; lack of response to the proper stimuli.