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NRF2 Is a Potential Modulator of Hyperresistance to Arsenic Toxicity in Stem-Like Keratinocytes

Figure 2

Stem-like characteristics of CD34high-enriched cells. (a) Flow cytometric analysis of the ratio of CD34high cells. Left: isotope control of CD34 antibody; middle: the ratio of CD34high cells in the HaCaT (parent) cells; right: the ratio of CD34high cells after positive selection by CD34 magnetic beads. (b) mRNA and (c) protein levels of typical markers for undifferentiated epithelial cells or stem cells in CD34low-expressing, CD34high-enriched, and HaCaT (parent) cells. (d) Holoclone formation by CD34low-expressing, CD34high-enriched, and parent cells. Left: the number of holoclones was increased in CD34high-enriched cells compared with the CD34low-expressing or parent cells; right: representative image of holoclones (400x magnification, bar = 100 μm). . compared with the CD34low-expressing cells. # compared with the parent cells.