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Review Article

P-glycoprotein (ABCB1) and Oxidative Stress: Focus on Alzheimer’s Disease

Table 1

Summary of (a) in vitro and (b) in vivo studies and (c) clinical trials on neuroprotective activity of compounds that targeted Aβ transport across the blood-brain barrier mediated by ABCB1.
(a) In vitro

TreatmentDoseDurationCell lineSpeciesReference

Sulforaphane (SFN)0.01–5 μM0–200 minBrain capillariesNrf2−/− mouse[108]
p53−/− mouse
Oleocanthal (Oleo)0.5–50 μM72 hbEnd3Mouse[141]
1α,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 (1,25(OH)2D3)1–100 nM4 h or 24 hBrain capillariesRat[145]
1–3 daysRBE4Rat
Fascalpsyn1–100 μM24–48 hLS-180Human[147]

(b) In vivo


SFN1–10 mg/kg intraperitoneal (i.p.)2 daysSprague-DawleyRat[108]
Verapamil2–5 mg/kg i.p.21 daysStreptozocin-induced sporadic dementiaRat[136]
Berberine25–100 mg/kg per oral (p.o.)21 days
α-Tocopherol36 mg/kg p.o.LifespanTtpa−/− APPswMouse[138]
Pregnenolone-16α-carbonitrile25 mg/kg i.p.7 daysAPPsw/Tg2576Mouse[114]
Oleo10 mg/kg/12 h i.p.2 weeksC57BL/6Mouse[141]
Oleo5 mg/kg/die i.p.4 weeksTgSwDIMouse[142]
St. John’s wort1250 mg/kg/die p.o.60–120 daysAPP/PS+/−Mouse[143]
1,25(OH)2D32.5 μg/kg/die i.p.8 daysFxr−/−Mouse[144]
1,25(OH)2D32.5 μg/kg/48 h i.p.8 daysTg2576Mouse[146]
Rivastigmine0.3 mg/kg/day alzet pump8 weeksAPP+/mdr1Mouse[148]

(c) Clinical trials


Rifampin300 mg/die p.o.12 monthsAD[140]
Doxycyclin200 mg/die p.o.