Research Article

A Single Zidovudine (AZT) Administration Delays Hepatic Cell Proliferation by Altering Oxidative State in the Regenerating Rat Liver

Figure 1

Effects of AZT administration on some parameters indicative of cell proliferation and apoptosis at various times after 70%-PH. Results are expressed as mean ± SE for four independent determinations per experimental point for panel (a). The activity of TK expressed as nmoles of formed []-TMP⋅h−1⋅mg−1 of cytosolic protein, in panel (b). The number of mitotic cells per microscopic field, as well as the cytosolic activity of caspase-3 (apoptosis) expressed as Relative Fluorescence Units (RFU)⋅min−1⋅mg−1 of protein (panel (c)). Symbols for the experimental groups at the bottom of each figure. Statistical significance: against Sham-operated (control) rats, and versus the PH group.
(a) TK activity
(b) Mitotic index
(c) Caspase-3 activity