Figure 3: Mitochondrial dynamics alterations in SAD fibroblasts. (a) Representative confocal microscopy images showing the three different mitochondrial morphologies in which they will be classified followed by binary image and the subsequently morphological skeleton generated by Mitochondrial Network Analysis (MiNa) toolset [31]. (b)–(c) Quantification of mitochondrial morphology of healthy and SAD couple under basal conditions (b) and treated with 20 μM CCCP for 7 h (c). (d) Time course of the mitochondrial morphology recovery in healthy and AD fibroblasts reversibly treated with CCCP. Mitochondrial morphology classification according to the length of the branches in filamentous (branch > 2.3 μm), fragmented (branch < 1.8 μm), and intermediate (1.8 ≥ branch ≥ 2.3 μm) patterns. Graphs represent the data of AG11362/AG05809 healthy/AD age- and sex-matched couple. Scale bar: 40 μm.