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Targeting Oxidatively Induced DNA Damage Response in Cancer: Opportunities for Novel Cancer Therapies

Table 1

DNA damage response (DDR) inhibitors in combination with ROS-inducing treatments for cancer therapy.

DDR targetDDR inhibitorsROS-inducing treatments (direct/indirect mode of action)ReferencesCombinatory therapy
Preclinical studies and clinical trials

PARPOlaparibRadiotherapyOS increase by mitochondrial dysfunction[146]NCT01460888
Cisplatin + RadiotherapyROS increase via NADPH oxidase[141143]NCT01562210
Cetuximab + RadiotherapyGlutamine transport inhibition, GSH decrease[163, 164]NCT01758731
ErlotinibEGFR inhibition, ROS-mediated apoptosis[173, 174][172]

PARPVeliparib (ABT-888)Temozolomide + Carboplatin + PaclitaxelROS increase, AKT–mTOR signaling disruption[144]NCT01506609
ROS increase via NADPH oxidase[147]
ROS induction[148]
BevacizumabROS and apoptosis increase[165167]NCT02305758
RituximabCD20 binding in B-lymphocytes, O2 generation[170, 171][169]
AuranofinH2O2 and ROS increase by thioredoxin reductase inhibition[191][192]
BortezomibROS increase by ER stress[178, 180, 181][179]
LapatinibROS increases[176][176]
BerberineOS/NOS decrease[177][177]


PARPNiraparibBevacizumabCysteine and GSH level reduction[165167]NCT02354131
4-Iodo-3-nitrobenzamideButhionine sulphoximineInhibition of glutamate–cysteine ligase complex in GSH synthesis[187189][190]


RAD51B02IRMitomycin C + CisplatinStress-mediated ER cell apoptosis by ROS generation[151][150]

APE-1MethoxyaminePemetrexed + CisplatinMitochondrial dysfunction, ROS increase[161]NCT02535312

Doxorubicin + RadiotherapyROS increase by enzymatic/nonenzymatic pathways[157][156]

HydroxyureaIncreased O2 production[153][152]
VX-970TopotecanROS increase[182]NCT02487095
Cisplatin + Gemcitabine(♦)(♦)NCT02567409
ROS increase, mitochondria alterations[154]
Carboplatin + Gemcitabine(♦)(♦)NCT02627443

DNA-PKcsNU-7441EtoposideROS increase, GSH depletion, mitochondrial alterations[182, 183][185]
KU-60648Etoposide + Doxorubicin(♦)(♦)[160]
UCN-015-FluorouracileCellular O2•− increase(♦)NCT00045747

Cisplatin + Pemetrexed(♦)(♦)NCT01139775
Cisplatin + Cetuximab + Pemetrexed + 5-Fluorouracile(♦)(♦)NCT02124148
Cisplatin + Radiotherapy + Cetuximab(♦)(♦)NCT02555644

APE1 = AP endonuclease 1; ATM = ataxia telangiectasia-mutated protein; ATR = ATM- and Rad3-related; CHK = checkpoint kinase; DNA-PKcs = DNA-dependent protein kinase catalytic subunit; PARP = poly (ADPribose) polymerase; RPA = replication protein A. References in brackets; clinical trial identifiers (NCT). The effect of the single ROS-inducing drugs is indicated one time, and the following times is indicated with (♦).

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