Research Article

Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Boswellia serrata Extracts: An In Vitro Study on Porcine Aortic Endothelial Cells

Figure 4

Effect of B. serrata extracts on pAEC migration capacity. Cells were scratch wounded and then treated with extracts A and G and pure BAs. Photographs were recorded at 0 h (T0), 6 h (T1), and 24 h (T2) after scratching. (a) Representative microscopic phase-contrast pictures showing the size of the scratch wound in different treatment groups compared with control. Scale bar, 200 μm. The extent of the damaged area (%) is reported for treatment with extract A (0.1 and 10 μg dry extract/ml) (b), extract G (2.4 and 240 μg resin/ml) (c), and pure BAs (low, corresponding to 3 ng/ml KBA, 3.8 ng/ml AKBA, and 8 ng/ml βBA, and high, corresponding to 300 ng/ml KBA, 380 ng/ml AKBA, and 800 ng/ml βBA) (d). Data are reported as mean of 3 . Inside each experimental time (T1 and T2), different letters above the bars indicate significant differences among treatments (, ANOVA post hoc Tukey’s test).