Research Article

[Retracted] The Protective Role of Brain CYP2J in Parkinson’s Disease Models

Figure 4

Changes in genes related to mitochondrial oxidative defenses in the LPS PD animal model. Fluorescent immunocytochemistry data shows reduced levels of Nrf2 (blue) and CYP2J3 (red) protein in rats treated with LPS for 12 and 21 days (a). Nrf2 protein levels were increased following transfection with the CYP2J3 expression vector (b). Compared with the control, mRNA levels of CREB and CYP2J3 were decreased following LPS treatment (c) but miR-340 mRNA levels were increased (d). Compared with the LPS group, the LPS-induced inhibition of Nrf2, SOD1, CAT, and GPX1 mRNA levels was attenuated by transfection with CYP2J3 (d). Data were analyzed by one-way ANOVA. The data are ; , , , and compared with respective controls.