Table 3: Effect of resveratrol on the weight status and on the body mass index.

Weight statusResveratrol 100 mg groupResveratrol 200 mg groupControl group
Number of patients%Number of patients%Number of patients%

Normal weight1720.991120.001718.48
Class I obesity1822.221221.822223.91
Class II obesity911.11712.731213.04
Class III obesity44.9423.6455.43
BMI average (initial)29.47 ± 4.2629.50 ± 4.2729.95 ± 4.49
Normal weight2125.931527.271718.48
Class I obesity1619.75916.362325.00
Class II obesity89.8859.091111.96
Class II obesity33.7023.6455.43
BMI average (at six months)27.97 ± 4.4427.56 ± 4.2829.42 ± 4.72
Normal weight2834.571934.551819.57
Class I obesity1012.35610.912223.91
Class II obesity56.1747.271111.96
Class III obesity22.4711.8255.43
BMI average (at 12 months)26.75 ± 4.1225.77 ± 4.1329.31 ± 4.55

Values are represented as mean ± SD ( patients in the resveratrol 100 mg group; patients in the resveratrol 200 mg group; and patients in the control group); versus initial value; <0.05 versus control group value.