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Moringa oleifera Seeds Improve Aging-Related Endothelial Dysfunction in Wistar Rats

Figure 2

(a) Immunohistochemical representative red staining of phosphorylated-(Ser 1179)-eNOS or phosphorylated-(Ser 473)-Akt (b) in the aortas from YWR, control MAWR, and MOI MAWR. Green fluorescence corresponds to elastin autofluorescence. L = lumen of the vessel. C(-) is a negative control without the primary antibody. Scale  μm. (c) Representative western blot and corresponding densitometric analysis of arginase-1 expression normalized to α-tubulin in the aortas of YWR, MAWR, and MOI MAWR (, ; MAWR versus YWR; MOI MAWR versus MAWR).