Table 4: Effect of phosphatidylcholine on lifespan of wild-type N2 and long-lived mutants.

Mean lifespan (day) value1% effect2
Control100 mg/l PC

N21st experiment17.520.6<0.00117.6
2nd experiment21.624.9<0.00115.4
age-1 (hx546)1st experiment29.228.90.970-1.0
2nd experiment33.830.40.090-10.1
clk-1 (e2519)1st experiment22.225.40.01314.7
2nd experiment22.025.8<0.00117.2
eat-2 (ad465)1st experiment21.925.80.00118.3
2nd experiment23.727.40.00215.6

value was calculated using the log-rank test by comparing the survival of the untreated control group to that of the phosphatidylcholine-treated group. 2% effects were calculated by , where is the mean lifespan of the phosphatidylcholine-treated group and is the mean lifespan of the untreated control group. PC: phosphatidylcholine.