Research Article

Bailcalin Protects against Diabetic Cardiomyopathy through Keap1/Nrf2/AMPK-Mediated Antioxidative and Lipid-Lowering Effects

Figure 4

BAI decreased lipid accumulation in the heart of the T2DM mouse: (a) Oil Red staining for examining lipid accumulation, (b) cardiac triglyceride level in the mouse heart, (c) expression of phosphorylated AMPKα (p-AMPKα) and total AMPKα (T-AMPKα), (d) expression of p-ACC and T-ACC, and (e) expression of CPT-1 and PGC1-α; β-actin was selected as internal reference. . VEH: vehicle; DM: diabetes mellitus; BAI: Bailcalin. compared with the VEH or BAI group; # compared with the DM group.